Hey There.

Actual picture of my face.

First things first, my name is Kirsten. Other than a possible mistake on my dad’s behalf, I am here because I have a deep appreciation for all things art and entertainment related. However, I also recognize that the things I love most- from movies and music to poetry and prose -have flaws. And that’s probably gonna be the focus of this blog- shining a spotlight on the good, the bad, and the ugly on the arts and various forms of entertainment.

This will definitely be a multimedia blog, which basically means that I’ll be mixing various forms of media (think videos, pictures, written stories, live-blogging, and so on) to tell stories. Within the next five years, I imagine that social media will become much more prominent in the media world- far beyond the brief Twitter interactions that we currently see. I’m also imagining (and hoping) that photo slideshows cease to exist within this time frame, because virtually no one enjoys waiting for “photo 2/50″ to load on their iPhone. Just saying. I intend to fit into this model by utilizing social media as much as possible here on the site (I’ll link my Twitter somewhere on the page) and to avoid picture slideshows at all costs. You’re safe here.

Other than that, I’m twenty years old, English major and Journalism minor, PUBLISHED poet, Virgo, yadda yadda. Excited to see where this goes.



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