School Event Spotlight: NKU Students Talk Tug-of-War and Weather

It’s colder in Highland Heights than it was yesterday, but that’s not stopping Dylan Gebhart and Clay Keller from warming up for a massive game of Tug-of-War. Amidst a crowd of bustling students this morning, the Alpha Sigma Phi members stopped to talk about the big event, scheduled for October 8th.


Pictured: Dylan Gebhart. Dylan is a sophomore Human Resources major at NKU. He also has a meaningful tattoo on his left arm. 

“We’re excited about it,” said Gebhart, a sophomore human resources major. “We share the event page on social media, we go talk to other fraternities and the sororities.”


The event, which serves as a fundraiser for the organization, will take place on the sand volleyball court. For those who are interested in getting down and dirty (sandy?), you can contact Nathanial Maddux. The event costs 5 dollars per person and 25 dollars per team.

“As for preparation, everything is set,” said Keller, a junior. “We had t-shirt sign-ups, but that window has closed.”

Pictured: Clay Keller. Clay is a junior at NKU. He also enjoys cold weather and sassy t-shirts. 


While those hoping for a sweet new shirt to add to their collection will be disappointed, anyone looking for an evening of fun will be satisfied. Plus, one might consider taking advantage of the in-between weather before temperatures drop down into those characteristic Cincinnati lows.

So how do two Alpha Sigma Phi members feel about the cold weather?

“I love the weather change!” Exclaimed Gebhart, leaning jovially against the fence outside Founders.


Dylan and Clay are members of Alpha Sigma Phi. Both recommend checking out Facebook for details on the fraternity. 


“It kills my sinuses, but other than that, I love it,” agreed Keller.

According to the fraternity’s Facebook page (which boasts 590 likes, for the record), Alpha Sigma Phi is “a great brotherhood, looking to help you be your best.” For anyone curious to see whether this applies to volleyball, mark your calendars for the 8th!



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